10 Reasons I’m Jealous of my Husband, From a SAHM

  • He takes phone calls that aren’t interrupted by, “Spit that out!” “Mummy’s on the phone.” “Did you just poop?” “No, don’t touch it!”
  • He doesn’t know the daily naptime struggle. Cross your fingers the baby sleeps for two whole hours, or in our case, one. One short hour to fold laundry, tackle the pile of dirty dishes that winked at me earlier, and change out of pajamas once and for all. Get all this done during naptime and congrats, mum, you are officially Superwoman!

He says, “I need help.” Yes dear, I need help, too. Every day, I need help.

  • He doesn’t know what the house looked like before I picked up the toys ten, eleven, twelve times.
  • He gets a good sit down, and possibly warm meal. The baby’s having mac and cheese and a handful of Goldfish and I’m having leftovers, most of which I retrieve from the floor. Waste not, it’s still good for mum.
  • He says, “I need help.” Yes dear, I need help, too. Every day, I need help. I don’t know how to ask for it and usually there’s no one home to ask if I did.

That aside, SAHMs still want and enjoy being functioning members of society and should do so. This probably isn’t even a SAHM problem, either. In general, mums don’t make much space for anything other than our children because we love them more than life itself. Mums everywhere must remember, we can love our children and still teach them to love all that life has to offer. Eventually, mum, SAHM, adoptive mum, and any or all mums alike, you and your bundle of joy will find balance and forget that life was ever anything but the chaotic, messy, and wonderful blessing it is now, with a few added showers.

Jennifer is a former middle school teacher and stay-at-home Mom of an eighteen month old.  I studied Education at Shenandoah University where I developed a love and passion for writing. Previous writing awards include, “Worst First Line-Picture Book” Shelftalker, Publishers Weekly. 2016. On Twitter @jen_congdon

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