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What the products have done for us

I have a hiatus hernia and gastric reflux which sometimes leads to esophageal spasms, and for a female this feels like you’re having a heart attack. Medically, all that could be done was to issue a monthly supply of ompaprozale. So to really test this Aloe Vera Gel drink, I stopped taking medication. I now manage my gut health with 100mls of Aloe Vera Gel every day.

Don’t get me wrong – I always carry my medication, but rarely need them. Our snobby British blue gets a teaspoon every other day and my daughter manages her lazy bowel with the Bits N Peaches gel drink, and Rory no longer plays golf with every other joint being supported by a brace thanks to Aloe Freedom gel drink.

Impressed with the impact the products had on our overall health, we thought why not.

Welcome to Forevernz!

The most common feedback we get is that there is very little on our page about the product. Like most people, we don’t like stuff being pushed onto us, so we use the 80/20 rule – 80% of the time we share with you our love of travel, our family, our experiences of living in the Middle East, UK, Netherlands, Australia and NZ – just to name a few. Our corporate lives in Sales, Marketing and HR and our passion for living the best, healthiest versions of ourselves. The other 20% is product-related and how our business, Forevernz, helps us to help others.

With a global reach, we are slowly but surely building our passive income, becoming time-rich, making new friends and most importantly we are having fun doing it together! Get to know us better and connect with us today.

We take nothing for granted and we live, laugh, love every day.
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Don’t forget!! Request to join our private FB group – Tui Health, Wealth & Vitality – product promos, recipes, exercise ideas and loads of info on Aloe Vera and other natural remedies.

Forevernz – Helping you put your family’s health, wealth & vitality in nature’s hands.


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