Make Your Own Massage Oil

Massage is the most common method of using essential oils, and has numerous health benefits. Massage helps to promote relaxation, relieve mental and physical fatigue, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and improve digestion/elimination.

You will need:

Glass Bottle

Carrier oil

Essential Oils of your choice

Choosing Your Essential Oil/s

Consider what you are trying to achieve with the massage. Relaxation? Decongestion? Muscle release? Lymphatic stimulation? The therapeutic properties of each of our essential oils are profiled on our website. We also have a selection of ready-made Essential Oil blends to suit a variety of needs

Choosing Your Carrier Oil/s

Essential oils must be blended with a carrier oil before they can be used in massage. When choosing a carrier oil, consider the skin type of the person/s you will be treating.

Suggestions for Carrier Oils

Dry Skin: Cold-pressed Avocado Oil or Coconut oil

Mature Skin: Cold-pressed Rosehip Oil and/or Apricot Kernel Oil

Sensitive Skin: Jojoba Oil and/or Evening Primrose Oil

All Skin Types: Almond Oil


Add up to 2.5% essential oil to the carrier oil and blend well. An easy rule of thumb is 12 drops of oil for each 25ml of carrier oil.

– For babies, elderly and people with sensitive skin: use only 0.5% – 1% dilution – no more than 5 drops of essential oil per 25ml of carrier oil.

– For safety reasons, do not exceed the essential oil drops recommended and ensure that you study all relevant safety data before using the oil.

Sample Recipe: Restorative Blend Massage Oil

Sweet Almond Oil: 25ml

French Lavender Essential Oil: 5 drops

Sweet Orange Essential Oil 4 drops

Frankincense Essential Oil 3 drops

Simply add 12 drops of essential oils to 25mls of the Sweet Almond Oil.

Note:  Massage is not recommended for those with a fever, cold or flu, varicose veins, oedema, high blood pressure or those who are intoxicated.

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