New Mama: Lost Sight of Yourself and Don’t Know the Next Step? Perhaps You Need a Life Coach

Reconnecting with pre-baby self and moving beyond the mum label

We spend years establishing our identity before kids. A baby’s arrival has a huge impact on this as we have to take a step back from previously established roles. Many struggle, due to time constraints, feelings of guilt, perceived expectations and a lack of practical support. At Pure Purpose, you will get your Mama Mojo back with a personalised plan that allows you to re-connect with yourself, re-establish your identity and enjoy a balanced life. You will gain the skills and ability to make yourself a priority, share the parenting load, handle life-admin like a pro and create order amidst the chaos of daily life.

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Returning to work

Women often have one idea of how this will go before baby arrives, but it doesn’t always marry up with reality. It’s difficult to navigate the return to work considering potential workplace re-structures, logistical challenges of start and finish times combined with traffic and daycare drop-off/pickups. Compounded by feelings of guilt about leaving baby, not giving as much as you used to at work, not being a domestic goddess with a spotless house and keeping on top of all other family logistics. To combat the stress of returning to work, there is a specific Return to Work offering for mums at Pure Purpose.

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Flexible Coaching Options

At Pure Purpose, you will find the knowledge, tools and techniques you need, so you can reconnect with yourself, re-establish your identity and move beyond the mum label. You will find:

  • One-on-one appointments tailored to your specific requirements.
  • One-off jump-start sessions for those who just need a nudge to get started.
  • Multiple sessions for more in-depth support and guidance.
  • Specific Return to Work offering for a confident return to work.
  • Appointments are available in person (Auckland only), by phone or Skype, and are scheduled to fit in and around your life.

Feeling the call? Ready to connect? Contact Charlotte Griffiths at Pure Purpose Life Coaching now at, and follow on Pure Purpose on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

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