Nourishing Bub’s Winter Skin

You may not realise the drying effects hot water can have on baby skin, particularly when wind and weather have already started to take their toll. Keeping the bath water around 36 degrees (a bath thermometer is great to use if you have one) is the ideal temperature for minimising dryness to your baby’s skin and using a soap and sulphate-free bath wash instead of soap (preferably one with added moisturisers that is pH balanced) will help further support the skin’s natural acid mantle.

You can minimise exposure to the elements by protecting exposed skin with a scarf, hat and gloves/mittens, as cold wind around the face and ears can cause wind burn and flaky skin on little cheeks and lips.

Colds and flu also strike at this time of year which usually means constant wiping with tissues that can lead to dry, cracked skin on little noses.

Apply a thick barrier cream or lotion (a great multi-use product – GAIA Natural Baby Soothing Cream) to your baby’s nose during a cold to minimise the damage caused by constant wiping and to little lips and cheeks before going outside can help protect the skin in these areas.  Choose a product made from a mixture of organic oils to nourish and protective properties like zinc, castor oil and beeswax, which creates the perfect breathable barrier for your baby’s skin.

Now there’s no reason you can’t keep playing in puddles and enjoying the outside this winter – just remember to follow a nourishing winter skincare routine to keep your baby’s skin soft and protected against the cold.

Disclaimer: Any views expressed within this article are opinions of the author and should be taken as guidance only. Please exercise your own due diligence on what is right for you.

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