Safe Sleep in a Baby Cocoon: A Parent’s New Baby Essential

By Hannah Schenker

Many mothers feel it is completely natural to sleep close with their baby, but are concerned about how to do so safely. Safe co-sleeping is beneficial for both mother and child – it promotes breastfeeding, secure attachment and better sleep. One way that you can ensure a safe sleep for your baby, whether they are in bed with you, in a separate bed, or being moved from room to room, is to pop them into a nice, soft cocoon.

The CocoonMe™ from Little Hope & Co is essentially a portable baby bed, a safe sleeping cocoon for at home as a co-sleeper. But with its handle for portability and its ease of folding, this cocoon will have your baby on the move – a portable bed, changing table or play area. Whether it’s from room to room or for longer distances, your baby will feel snug and safe no matter where you are. Designed and made here in NZ from organic cotton and New Zealand wool, this non-toxic and eco-friendly cocoon is perfect for newborns up to 6 months (the buckle at the bottom releases to accommodate your baby’s growth).

Your little one has such sensitive skin, so you do need to consider what materials you wrap them up in for those first few months. The CocoonMe™ has an exterior made of 100% certified organic cotton – to the Global Organic Textiles Standard, dyed using low-impacts dyes. Breathable and soft and hypoallergenic for that tiny new body, you can feel safe knowing your baby will not be breathing in any toxic chemicals.

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