The Fourth Trimester: A Huge Transition


Wrapping your baby snuggly in a swaddle is a great way to recreate the secure feeling your baby had inside the womb. Wrapping the arms, but allowing the legs to move to the “froggy position” is the safest way to swaddle your newborn. Swaddling will also help them to sleep


It is noisy in the womb! Your baby has spent 9 months listening to the blood pumping around mums body at the volume of a vacuum cleaner and then we bring them home and pop them in a quiet room to sleep. White noise is a great way to recreate the familiar noise they have had in the womb.


Carrying your baby in a Peek-a-Baby wrap carrier is the perfect way to make them feel like they are still in the womb. They are close to you so feel like they are constantly been cuddled. Often babies who spend time being carried close spend less time crying.

A stretchy wrap also allows you to be hands-free so you have the freedom to get tasks accomplished while you keep your baby physically and emotionally close.


During pregnancy, your baby is constantly on the move with you. They get used to being rocked by the gentle sway of your movements. Getting up and moving around with your newborn may help to settle them rather than sitting still.


The womb is warm and wet. Sometimes a nice deep bath can settle a newborn quickly. Especially if mum or dad get in the big bath with them for some skin-to-skin!


There is so much to learn when you have a brand new baby. Whether it is your first or your fourth. All babies are different and have different personalities. What works for one baby may not work for another. What works for one family may not work for yours.

Take your time to learn about each other and you will soon be in tune with your baby’s needs.

Enjoy this special time with your baby.

More than 5 years ago Jane Frazerhurst was gifted a Peek-a-Baby wrap and discovered how easy it was to use. Being able to keep her newborn close, while attending to the needs of a busy toddler, became essential. Fast forward several years and Jane loved the product so much she bought the business. Peek-a-Baby wraps are made from 100% soft cotton, that allows for ergonomic positioning of your baby. Babies thrive on touch and babywearing allows you to maintain close contact with your little one, while you continue your daily activities. Hug your baby hands free! See the Peek-a-Baby website for more and be sure to follow Peek-a-Baby on Facebook and Instagram.

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