Tips For Keeping Well Through Winter, Naturally

Nutrition, continued…

Kombucha is another great immune support, and we always have a batch fermenting in our home. In winter, we love adding lots of lemon and ginger.

While you can find both bone broth and kombucha at any good organic supermarket, they are very easy and economical to make at home. Like anything, it’s getting started which takes the most time and effort!


Our vitamin D levels drop in winter, and spending so much time cooped up inside, and in close proximity to others, is a recipe for bug catching.

Rugging up warm and heading out into nature for a family walk will increase levels of vitamin D and energy, support mindfulness and mental wellbeing, and will tire little ones out for another great night’s sleep!

If the weather really doesn’t allow, we do some gentle yoga stretching together in the lounge, which usually leads to some pretty funny two-year-old copycat poses! Cosmic Kids Yoga has a lot of great videos to enjoy together.


There are a lot of excellent supplements for kids, but the only one that I currently give to my girls is a good quality fish oil. I love Nordic Naturals Children’s Omega-3 DHA from 100% wild arctic cod, as it supports both cognitive development and immune function.

Frankie Apothecary’s mission is to help all families discover the power of their native NZ Kawakawa plant and how their traditionally made skincare can help your family find relief from dry itchy skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis and dermatitis. You can find them on their Website, on Facebook and Instagram

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