Waikato Parents: Helping You to Find Your Family Home

By Hannah Schenker

Finding a home when you’re renting can be a really tough gig – and when you are starting a family you need things to be as straightforward and easy as possible. You also need to know you are in good hands, which is where Cambridge Rentals Ltd comes in. If you are living in the Waikato, help is at hand.

Cambridge Rentals Ltd provide helpful and caring advice because they know how important a home is, especially when you have children. Nicolle Blight, owner and operator, says renters need a reliable property manager who is going to support them into their new home and also assist them, as required, during their tenancy. This is something she is personally passionate about and will go the extra mile to make sure everyone is OK and happy.

What Cambridge Rentals Ltd can help with:

  • Finding you the perfect rental property for you and your family.
  • Moving house – they can organise the connection of all your utility services at your new property – in just one phone call!
  • Property management – if the landlord appoints them, Cambridge Rentals Ltd will arrange maintenance work, collect bonds and rent, and do property inspections.
  • They can manage your rental property if you will be away for 21 days or longer.
  • They can help you to understand the new smoke alarm, insulation and asbestos laws.

Nicolle Blight understands the rights of both tenants and property owners and maintains a good balance between both – meaning that as a renter, you know you are in good hands. Her excellent communication skills meant that you are never left in the dark or getting nasty surprises.

If you happen to be on the other side of the renting equation and own a rental property that you would like to rent out, then Cambridge Rentals Ltd can act as your property manager and handle all of the details.

When you are on the hunt for your perfect family home, you need someone you can trust to help make that happen. Get in touch with Nicolle Blight at Cambridge Rentals Ltd today, if you’re living in the Waikato region, and find out how she can be of assistance.

For more information, visit the Cambridge Rentals Ltd. website, or get in touch with Nicolle Blight at Cambridge Rentals Ltd: 32 Victoria Street, Cambridge. Ph 027 481 4194. You can also find her on Facebook.

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