7 Quick and Healthy Foods For Easy-Peasy Weaning

1/ Roasted carrots cut lengthways on the diagonal. Solid on the outside, for little hands to grab onto, soft, sweet and squishy on the inside. Yum.

2/ Roasted Kumara, sliced into baby hand-size batons. Tempt those little tastebuds with a bit of sweetness packed full of Vitamin A for eyesight. Toss with couscous and olive oil for the adults. A wise parent never cooks twice.

3/ Bananas. Well obviously, every parents saviour. They’re crammed full of potassium for the heart, but tell me this. Why do we always peel and chop? Use nature’s packaging, then peel and pass when needed. My baby loved grabbing a whole banana, much easier to eat than slippery slices.

4/ Steamed corn on the cob, chopped lengthways. Toss in creamy butter or sweet tasty coconut oil which is full of lauric acid also found in breastmilk. Show me the older sibling who can resist this. That’s dinner sorted.

5/ A grim rainy day? Dig out the slow cooker and make a month’s worth of tasty stew in minutes. Slice/ grate/ pour in root veggies and a grain of your choice. Brown and add meat, if that’s your thing, leave out if not. Ask your butcher for cuts that need long and slow cooking, they’re generally tastier and cheaper: double bonus. Add stock, bone broth is great for digestion and full of micronutrients, but a veggie stock works as well. Eight hours later and the delicious smell of home-cooked stew wafts through the home. An evening meal for all the family, from six months to sixty? Tick.

6/ How to store? For newly-weaned babies, try mumi and bubi’s freezer trays. Pop-out, warm in the oven, and let little hands get to work. There will be mess. Deal with it!

For larger portions, you could use freezer bags but they’ve got a nasty habit of splitting. Better off with BPA free plastic containers.

7/ Glorious Dal: mild, creamy, coconut deliciousness. My family’s favourite. Cheap as chips, packed full of iron and a lovely squishy texture for mini food explorers.Ideal for freezing as well. Just add poppadums, naan and mango chutney for curry and film night.


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