Non toxic, chemical free weeding and alfresco cleaning using nothing but Steam. Safe and versatile our steam has a multitude of applications:

In the garden steam will smash through weedy driveways and overgrown gardens without harming bees, butterflies and other beneficial critters. Alfresco Cleaning High pressure steam, heated to 110 degrees, will obliterate mould and mildew and stuck on grease and grime. Slimy paths and decks, mouldy, mossy roofs, dirty grimy walls are given a new lease of life, with no nasty chemical residues to worry about. We can even give your BBQ the once over!  On the farm steam is the most effective way to rid chicken houses of mites and to sterilise pens before calving, we can ensure your animals are in safe hands. Machinery our steam will degrease engines and remove oil spills, clean boat hulls and sterilise harvesting equipment. Using steam means the only thing going into the waterways is water. Sterilisation Steam is the most effective way to kill germs, bacteria and viruses so it is great in school, daycares and parks to sterilise outdoor play equipment. 

Completely toxin free. Completely family friendly. Completely Steaming.