Breathe Easy This Winter With Frankie Apothecary

Who else has fond childhood memories of inhaling the soothing scent of eucalyptus as mum gently smoothed on a chest rub to help you breathe through a winter cold? This winter, we’ll be lovingly applying the all natural, petrochemical free version with the Frankie Apothecary chest rub, Breathe Easy.

Breathe Easy vapour rub is a completely natural therapeutic blend of cold-busting decongestants and combines kanuka, eucalyptus, peppermint, marjoram, cypress and lemon oils into a delicious bouquet that will help little ones breathe easier.

These powerfully effective essential oils are blended with beeswax, hemp seed oil and cold-pressed castor oil to ensure that the Breathe Easy balm is gentle on skin, like every product in Frankie Apothecary range.

Breathe Easy is a gorgeous option for an all-natural vapour rub to help soothe both big and little people during periods of congestion and winter illness.

How did Frankie Apothecary make Breathe Easy so effective?

Most well known for their eczema soothing Kawakawa Repair Balm, which is based on the knowledge and wisdom of Máori Rongoá, Frankie Apothecary also researched traditional remedies to create a truly decongestant vapour rub that employs the remedial properties of natural plants.

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