Bringing resonance back to your womb Postpartum

Rata Remedies

By Katrina Murray

Within many of the world’s sacred and esoteric lineages, the womb and the energy that resides in a woman’s pelvic bowl is seen as an inner temple: a doorway for the souls of our unborn children to enter into our families and communities, and a place where we both receive, transmute and give nourishing life force energy. In yogic lineages, this life force energy is known as ‘Prana’ and in Taoist traditions as ‘Qi’ – it is the vital energy that nourishes our bodies on a subtle level and leads us to live a healthy, creative life.

The pelvic bowl in women is home to our reproductive organs, our womb and two powerful energetic centres: Muladhara and Svadhisthana Chakra. Regardless of whether or not the physical organs are present – post surgery for example – the organ energy still resides within in the pelvic bowl, and together each of these elements contribute to the resonance of this inner temple.

It is from this space, the pelvic bowl, that we ground down into the earthly energy beneath us. This grounding feminine connection offers a safe, supportive place for us to plant our soulful dream seeds, to gestate them and bring them to life. Whether these dream seeds are our babies or our creative ideas, the energetic flow within the pelvic bowl plays a huge role in bringing forth creation. As we move through life and live many experiences, both beautiful and challenging, it’s important that women and people with wombs tend to this inner temple to encouraging a free flow of life force energy. This free-flowing energy is vital in maintaining a creative way of life, one that is authentic and deeply nourishing to the individual’s soul.

An extraordinary life experience that some of us encounter is the miracle of birthing our babies. Birth is not only a major musculosketal event; it is also a profound energetic activation where tremendous volumes of vital energy stream through the core of the mother’s body. After giving birth, each mother will have a unique experience imprinted in their womb. The experience can be a positive initiation for some mothers, and in others lead to varying degrees of stress and trauma.

Reconnecting to our womb space and pelvic bowl postpartum is a helpful way to integrate our birthing experience, to promote healing and to continue receiving, transmuting and giving life force energy harmoniously. Reestablishing this connection also reinforces our personal supportive feminine field and allows mothers to feel held and nourished by something greater than themselves as they tend to their families.

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