Five Reasons to Organise a Name and Blessing Ceremony

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By Lani Puriri

Your beam of light has been nine months growing in mama’s belly – building a body to house an eternal spirit. Existing now with mind and body, baby is present on Earth and joins the energy of all living creation. Blessing your baby will bond them to that energy and create foundational ties to your family. 

Beyond baby, a name and blessing ceremony is a time to celebrate your one-year-old, toddler, older child or perhaps an adopted child who is joining your family. Whatever the family dynamic, name and blessing ceremonies can develop bonds of love that connect to universal light. There are multiple reasons to organise this type of event for your child. Here are five: 

1. What’s her name? 

No doubt you’ve spent some contemplative energy choosing a name for your child. A name and blessing ceremony is a perfect time to formally introduce this name. Tell your story and why this name gives meaning and depth to the life journey for your child. 

2. Officially welcome a supporting adult 

Now is the opportunity to acknowledge the child’s supporting adults whether godparents, mentors, or guardians. Traditionally, a godparent is an adult tasked with shepherding a child toward a life of faith. However, in modern times, the position has transitioned into a secular role model who provides emotional, practical and in some cases, financial support. 

3. Have a kai hākari

Hākari is more than just feasting on your favourite kai. It’s a time to experience joy, receive nourishment, celebrate, share, express love, communicate gratitude, and build relationships. This is a time to share the mana of your child and express hospitality in a meaningful way.  

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