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The Momologist

The Momologist™ is a mother-led video podcast and supportive community that inspires, empowers and educates parents in their search for child-rearing wisdom. It is a community where overthinking and overanalysing is celebrated by like-minded parents who are committed to collecting as many resources, insights and strategies as possible to help guide them on their parenting journey. Motivated by a desire to “know it all”, a momologist is an inquisitive parent who probes, analyses and gathers information in pursuit of becoming better equipped to mould a life. Founder and creator of The Momologist™, Sasha Culpepper, talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about the inspiration behind what she does, her passion for building a community for inquisitive parents, and her hopes and dreams for the future.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business? 

At my core, I am a momologist. From that first moment, I was aware of the incredible life growing inside my belly, I became consumed with collecting all the information and resources I could. I was driven by my burning desire to keep my baby as healthy as possible and mould them into the best human possible.  

This pursuit is obviously easier said than done. As moms, having that fierce instinct to “know it all” can be a bottomless pit. For me, it felt like I was tumbling into a mind-bending maze in my hunt for answers – a journey that only led to more questions (and follow-up questions). The more I dug, the deeper I became submersed in an endless series of rabbit holes.  

Throughout my information-seeking “adventures”, I was discouraged many times. Comments like, “You’re thinking too much!” and “Stop overthinking things!” would become all too familiar to hear. While the term “overthinking” is often stigmatised and certainly does have its limits, we have evolved into very trusting societies across the world where thinking and researching is something we can all do with a little more of. In other words, overthinking is something one can easily be categorised into for the mere fact that you’re asking more or thinking more than the average. In a mom’s world, thinking beyond surface or cookie cutter answers can often be what saves a child’s life or changes the trajectory on many things…When you’re a mom, there is no such thing as overthinking. It’s our job as mothers to think about the things that others don’t. This in itself is a form of nurturing our littles. 

I craved refuge in a community of like-minded moms who understood the importance of this pursuit of knowledge. This is how The Momologist™ was born – we are for the moms deemed the “overthinkers” who want to embrace their inquisitive nature and learn actionable steps towards taking care of themselves and their families. 

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning? 

When I started, I was very green when it came to the necessary equipment and programs I would need. However, I did what I do best – research! I spent many hours researching the industry, ideal equipment, etc., and realised it would be more efficient to seek the advice of others who were more experienced. That helped my team and I to accelerate our timeline and be more efficient in attaining top trusted experts who would deliver quality information to our moms.  

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business? 

In our infancy, as we worked towards fine-tuning our niche in the parenting space, as well as our differentiation strategy, we had a lightbulb moment! We realised that the impact we sought to have was in serving as a resource to the resources. Based on this approach, competition would be non-existent. We want every business and every company providing quality products and resources for moms to succeed and if we can help to facilitate that at The Momologist™, we will. This philosophy has opened the world to us and even more importantly it opens even more resources to our parents. This is a huge part in how we take “Mama knows best” to a whole new level. We will be capitalising on this approach in the near future, so stay tuned for exciting updates on that end!   

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