When It’s More Than Just a Baby Blanket: Giving the Gift of Love

By Hannah Schenker

There is something very special about baby blankets. They hold within their folds more than just warmth and the sweet smell of a new baby. Some of us still have ours, tucked carefully amongst our dearest treasures. We may not remember having this blanket wrapped around our teeny tiny bodies when we first entered the world, but many of us will have grown up with such a blanket in the house. Perhaps it was passed on to younger siblings, or kept as a keepsake by our mothers and eventually passed on to us. These blankets were typically soft, timeless, durable and warm; memories woven into them as real as the wool itself. In these times of fast fashion and disposable goods, buying such a special blanket for your baby, or that of a loved one or friend, is passing on much more than a functional item. It is giving a gift of love that could well last a lifetime, or even longer.

Choosing a baby blanket isn’t exactly going to be the biggest decision you make, but with a myriad of potential purchases facing new parents, it is wise to consider where you might invest in quality pieces. Think expansively – beyond a blanket for this one baby, but for other babies to come. If you find one that is good quality, it may well last long enough to wrap several wriggling babies in its snuggly folds, passed from generation to generation or just from sibling to sibling. Investing in one that will last saves money in the long run – something we seem to forget in these times of cheap use-and-dispose items. We know fast fashion is harmful, so it is up to us to shop differently, to shop wisely. For this reason, it is also a good idea to choose a design that has that kind of ‘timeless’ look – not prey to passing fashion trends but a real classic, instead.

We know fast fashion is harmful, so it is up to us to shop differently, to shop wisely.

Moving away from ‘fast fashion’ also means you will have a less cluttered home. Parents can be overwhelmed by the huge array of items on offer today that will solve or assist with each little passing phase your baby goes through. It is tempting to buy into all of it because we really do want the best for our children. But do you really need all of those things? Can an item be multi-functional instead? You may need to spend more up front for a blanket that will go the distance, but you will save money in the long run if you can use it in many different ways. Is it large enough to double over in the bassinet but use later in the cot and then even as a throw on a favourite chair? Will you also use it out and about in the capsule and buggy? You will ¬†appreciate it that much more, and also have less ‘stuff’ – making life simpler.

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