The Monster Project: Kids art recreated

By Hannah Schenker

We all know our kids are talented beyond measure. We can see their boundless potential in everything that they do, right?

OK, so sometimes that can fade a little as we busy ourselves with our adult lives, or life gets a bit tired and strained and all we can focus on is getting those kale chips into the darn oven already and finally sitting down for a cup of tea. It’s so easy, then, to overlook the fabulous things our children are creating with their tender imaginations.

The good folks over at The Monster Project pride themselves on seeing the magic in children’s imaginations, and showing them that their creations are wildly cool – by getting adult graphic designers and illustrators to recreate them in their own style, using their adulty skills.

Here are just some of the zany monsters – you can find more here.


Gianluca Maruotti

Aj Jeffries


Elisa Ferro

Milan Vasek

Guillaume Kurkdjian

Stuart Wade

Marijke Burrlage

Zoe Persico

JeanPierre Le Roux

Katie Johnson

Mercy Lomelin


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