The Natural Parent’s Top Six Newborn Essentials

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1/ Asleep

Sleep becomes an obsession when you simply don’t get enough, and the joys of new parenting can quickly sour if you really don’t get enough (although, let’s be honest, expecting eight hours a night is optimistic!). Couple that with the colicky crying suffered by many newborns and their parents and desperation can often set-in.

Fear not, Philipa Murphy’s book and website gives calm, practical, well-researched advice on dealing with colic and lactose intolerance whilst Cuddle Me Baby stocks effective sleepaids such as blackout blinds, cuddle dolls and sleep suits.

Elsewhere, Nature’s Sway hammocks create a calming, swaying motion to help restless bubbas slip into sleep. The brand’s slings are also effective for colicky babies who need to be held upright.

2/ Awake

Like little monkeys, newborns love to be held as much as possible: some more than others. But the fact is mum needs to take a shower sometimes and some babies enjoy their own space. Stocked by Bizzy Bubs Australia, Baby Beanbags are a comfortable, high quality and innovative seating option for a baby. The soft fabric outer, bean filling and swappable covers provide a cosy, safe and flexible rocker alternative for your child from birth to school age.

3/ Nappy Change

The best way to avoid nappy rash is to start as you mean to go on with a good-quality, natural balm to sooth your baby’s sensitive bottom. A good place to start is Skinfood’s Little bottom balm. Chamomile flower and castor seed oil help nourish, protect and soothe irritated and delicate skin.

Totally Balmy’s Chocalicious Baby Balm which contains shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sesame oil and nothing else, is fantastic. It’s also effective on cracked nipples, eczema and for baby massage.

4/ On The Move

A good sling is most definitely a newborn essential. It’s your lifeline to independence, keeping your little one snuggled close and your hands free to shop, cook, or write that all important business email.  Nestling has a fantastic range of structured carriers, ring slings and mei tais: See TNP’s post on slings to work out which one would suite you the most.

Elsewhere, Bizzy Bubs Australia has a great range of the popular Manduca soft-structured carrier.

5/ Feeding


For breastfeeding mamas, it’s essential to get your wardrobe organised with a good selection of tops and singlets that you can latch open and closed, making for discreet bfing (not that you have anything to hide, but in the early days you might want some privacy) whilst keeping your tum and lower back warm and covered.  Little Organics does a lovely range of super-soft bamboo Nursing Mama tops in lovely colours from Balance Charcoal Grey to Tranquility Royal Blue.


The first six-months will fly by and suddenly, fun and games, it’ll be time to introduce solid food. Mumi and Bubi creates a useful range of small, freezable containers perfect whether you decide to puree or opt for Baby Lead Weaning, in which case soups and stews will be your friends.  Babies only eat miniscule amounts at first so having tiny containers like this means you can defrost infant-sized portions.

Another weaning essential is the bib. Keep your little one super-stylish even when covered in spag bol with Messy Pup’s NZ made bibs, also great for catching dribbles on younger babies. TNP loves the retro Kiwiana, Kiwi As print.

6/ Memories

The newborn stage is so desperately fleeting and tiredness combined with the endless loads of laundry means it’s all too easy to forget this time. Recording those first smiles and skin-to-skin snuggles is crucial: some take pictures and videos, some keep a box for first curls, bibs, baby booties and so on. If you want to take things further with a lasting keepsake, Created By Hands make 3D artworks from pictures sent to them by parents.


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