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Holistic Midwife UK

Hi I’m Paris – Mother, Midwife and Natural Therapist. My main passions are supporting women and families with all things pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, as well as using effective pure and natural plant extracts for supporting health & wellbeing.  

Being a holistic Midwife of over 20 years has allowed me to combine these passions, and formulating my organic skincare range for mother & baby is a natural extension of this.  

During my own pregnancy, and in caring for my beautiful son, I prefer to avoid drugs, chemicals, preservatives and plastics where possible: however, most of the so called ‘baby’ skincare & health products available contained lots of these things, and the few natural options were, at best, ineffective.  

Frustrated, I began to study plant-based medicines, essential oils and natural botanical extracts to understand which natural resources are safe and effective to support health & wellness in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and for young babies. And this inspired me to develop my own natural pharmacy. 

Now, after years of successfully using these amazing natural creations on a one-to-one basis with women, I get to share my gorgeous, divinely scented eco-conscious range of maternity skincare products. All carefully hand blended using the purest, fresh, organic botanical ingredients on earth, these amazingly gentle treatments are powerfully effective in supporting your body naturally, without the nasty chemicals, preservatives or drugs.  

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