Pregnancy Journal 2022 (J1)

Pregnancy can be an exhausting emotional roller coaster ride for many expectant mothers. From the moment your pregnancy test comes back positive to the time your baby makes their arrival. Over the course of your pregnancy, you might discover some surprising new cravings or find yourself crying over the slightest thing. Not only will documenting this time allow you to capture fleeting observations about pregnancy, it can make for a happier, healthier journey. A Journal can help you to find an outlet for your worries during pregnancy. It can help you find solutions to your fears and manage the anxiety that comes from negative thoughts. This is a great way to access your emotions and reduce stress. Not sure what to write or talk about? Read through and find a selection of prompted writing suggestions to help – use these only if you want to – you can develop your own ideas from there. Apart from organising your thoughts, journaling can also help to organise and plan for the arrival of your little one. When you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed a journal can help to manage your time efficiently and ultimately make you more productive. How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant? How did you react when you saw the ultrasound image of your baby? Describe these beautiful memories in your journal. At the end of each day, note down all the things that you remember and that you feel good about. We hope you treasure these beautiful moments and cherish this little journal for a lifetime. Love from the team at The Natural Parent Magazine xxx

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