Raffi’s child honouring course: parenting for a better world

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By Sarah Moore 

One morning not long ago, I was about to attempt to fix a clogged drain in my shower. With minimal enthusiasm for that task, however, I opted to check my Instagram messages before starting. Much to my surprise, I had received a note from Raffi Cavoukian, otherwise known as Raffi. He was once called “the most popular children’s singer in the English-speaking world” (source: Washington Post). My child serenades me with his “Baby Beluga” song daily. Yeah, reading his message beat unclogging the drain by a long shot

In his message, he graciously asked that I consider taking his course from the Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring. 

As a gentle parenting writer who’s eager to find helpful resources, I was curious to try Raffi’s Child Honouring course.

I didn’t know much about the course going into it, but I expected it would be good if it had his name on it. Frankly, however, for the affordable price compared to many gentle parenting certification programs, I wondered if the content would have enough depth. Still, I was intrigued. I signed up on the spot.  

Let me cut to the chase. 

While parenting books serve a good purpose (and I’ve read more than 50 of the best), Raffi’s Child Honouring course is the most comprehensive, intelligent, fact-based teaching I’ve seen in any single venue. It blew me away. Here’s the short version of why it did. (I’ll gladly provide the long version to anyone who’s interested.) 

Raffi’s Child Honouring course spoke to my head. I didn’t drop the “I’ve read 50 books” line above to impress you with my reading skills. I share it because I’m no stranger to research. Honestly, I’ve had to cobble together a whole lot of information from a broad range of resources to solidify the parenting philosophies about which I write. I study because I care not only about my own child, but also about every single child on the planet. I passionately want the world to care for them well. That means you. And me. All of us. 

Raffi’s Child Honouring course positively thrilled my brain. 

It offers so much rock-solid content from so many highly reputable sources! The course had me at Dr. Gordon Neufield; and the myriad of other sources like him are equally impressive. It even includes relevant TED Talks, such as this one by Raffi himself. These are just at the tip of this wonderful iceberg of knowledge. 

One particular TED Talk about the importance of community building was so moving it made me tear up, and I don’t cry easily. 

The way the information is presented is entirely engaging. With respect to every online training module I’ve taken in 25 years of professional experience, this was the best format I’ve seen. The evidence-based content was spot on. It included exactly the right amount of depth for each topic. If I wanted to learn more, additional resources were available. Moreover, the formats in which the course presents the information vary in the most delightful way. It doesn’t allow for “zoning out”-and I had no desire to do so, regardless. 

I’d gladly trade many of the best parenting books I’ve read for this single, comprehensive course. I don’t suggest that lightly. Further, it broadened my horizons about what conscious parenting includes. 

The course covers the following Child Honouring principles: 

  • Respectful love 
  • Diversity 
  • Caring community 
  • Conscious parenting 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Nonviolence 
  • Safe environments 
  • Sustainability 
  • Ethical commerce 
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