Revolutionising the Treatment of Head Lice

Living Juicy

As parents, we dread having to deal with creepy crawly head lice in our children’s hair, and getting rid of them can be an ongoing battle. Living Juicy has come to the rescue with their revolutionary range of hair products to eliminate head lice and nits. Their No-Nit Removal Juice breaks down the glue-like fixative that head lice attach the nits/eggs to the hair follicles with, while their revolutionary patented Juice Brush disperses their specially formulated, 100% natural No-Nit Prevention Juice directly to the scalp. Prevention takes about 10 seconds each morning and kids can even do it themselves! Here, the Living Juicy Team talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about the inspiration behind their business and their plans for the future. 

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business? 

After years of head lice issues and complaints by Joe that “there must be something better”, many nights of thought helped them come up with a unique idea: an idea to eliminate the feeding process of head lice by somehow using a brush to apply solution directly to the scalp. After carrying out in-depth research, they created their own homeopathic solutions using a brush Joe found which had only been patented in the U.S 3 years earlier. After first thinking ‘bugger’, Joe contacted the inventor and brokered a deal between themselves and the manufacturer/inventor for Sole Distribution Rights for Oceania including New Zealand, Australia, and The Polynesian and Melanesian Islands.

They were researching best homeopathic ingredients for head lice repellents and started creating juices (solutions) with minimal percentage of active ingredients to avoid adverse reactions on the child or adult. After fine-tuning it to have the minimal solution for positive results for preventing head lice infestations, the results were extremely positive.   

Sustainability of environmental and monetary aspects for both client and business were a key objective, mainly due to the constant use of chemicals in treatment of infestations and post launch in February, they noticed the extremely positive environmental impacts of the global lockdown. 

An always, present devotion to support Kiwi business was and is at the forefront of their Initiatives. 

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?  

At the beginning, we were 3 weeks out from the launch, 6th February 2020 Waitangi Day, and Lawata and Joe travelled to Los Angeles to acquire 50 brushes for the launch. They returned with a week post launch.  

Better Creative created a major part of the launch promotion design and materials. 

With a marquee, they launched. Selling 3 brushes and giving away 4 was potentially a firm indicator that it was a taboo subject for public demonstration and display recognition. 

Covid lockdown reared its head and with the full support of Better Creative, they decided to form a potentially nationwide tour and to build a complete quality e-commerce platform with finesse and style. They re-launched in October 2020 online with a steady uptake. However, after finding a mobile piece of inspiration, they have decided to regroup to the original strategy of a National Roadshow. With live giveaways on Facebook, the response was very positive. 

Joe believes that the more personal, direct communication and education they can provide, the more interest will come. The Roadshow is expected to launch mid-January. 

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