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Like mums everywhere, Jessica Colman tries her best to keep her family happy and healthy, while attempting to keep her house somewhat clean! As a busy mum of 4 young boys, this task was made more difficult when one of her sons developed eczema, asthma and a severe allergy to dust mites. As well as having to be careful with soap and laundry products, this prompted Jessica to rethink the cleaning products she used around the home, so she set out to create her own. Made from eucalyptus oil and lemon myrtle oil, her sprays kill bacteria and dust mites, while adding a delicate and beautiful scent to the home. At Au Naturel Cleaning Solutions, they provide families with affordable, eco-friendly, multi-purpose cleaning sprays that are safe for sensitive, allergy-prone skin.  

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?  

I’m an average Aussie mum just trying to keep my 4 little boys happy and healthy and keep my house clean. This task was made extra difficult when one of my children developed asthma, eczema and a severe dust mite allergy. We needed to be very careful about the body soaps and laundry detergents we used as his skin is extremely sensitive. It became clear that he was also sensitive to sprays I used around the home whilst cleaning, causing asthma and/or eczema flares.   

He inspired me to create my own cleaning product from mild, plant-based antibacterial ingredients that are gentle enough to use around little ones whilst still cleaning effectively. Eucalyptus oil is the main ingredient as it kills dust mites and bacteria, deters other pests, and brings the scent of the Aussie bush to my home. Lemon myrtle oil adds a sweet touch to the product, creating a beautiful and mild smell.   

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?   

After using my product for quite some time in my own home, I started my own cleaning business with it. From general cleaning to end of lease cleans, I could clean a house from top to bottom with my product. Many of my customers were asking me where they could buy it as it smelled lovely, and they were keen on the idea of a natural product that really is multi-purpose. So, I started to sell to my clients, and they convinced me I should sell it online as well.   

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?   

Originally, when I made my product, I made different strengths for cleaning different surfaces. I had a lower strength for glass cleaning and higher strength for kitchen and bathroom. My biggest breakthrough was when I was able to stabilise the formula to thoroughly clean all surfaces while also leaving glass and stainless-steel streak-free.  

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