Self Care: Pink Hair

By Lindsay Jane Hunter

Self Care 
They say  
Is bubble baths 
Hot cups of tea 
Unfiltered laughs. 

Self Care 
It’s said 
Is going for a run 
Being heard 
Having fun.  

Self Care 
For Mums  
There’s an app you know  
Mindfulness, meditate 
Breathe and blow. 

Self Care 
I’ve learnt  
Might look like what I’ve seen 
Flicking through pages  
Of women’s magazines. 

Self Care 
Sometimes though 
Is remembering  
Who else I am 
When I’m not called 
Mom or Mummy or Mam. 

Self Care  
In my world 
Is wearing clothes 
That make me smile 
Watching trashy TV 
For (quite!) a while. 

Self Care 
For this mum 
Is pink hair 
Bright and bold 
Even though I’m  
“Far too old”. 

Self Care  
For me  
Is reading 
Feminist books 
Dying my hair 
Multiple ‘looks’. 

Self Care 
Right now 
Is giving some space 
To my own needs  
Permitting myself  
To just be me. 

Self Care 
Is all about  
Expressing me 
Allowing my own 

Lindsay Jane Hunter is a therapeutic arts and drama practitioner based in Coventry, UK, who is passionate about facilitating opportunities to be creative and build connections. Join her Connection & Creativity communities on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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