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After falling pregnant last year, Loz Lau went in search of non-alcoholic alternatives to her usual beverages, not wanting to be limited to sugary soft drinks in social situations. Along with her husband Josh, they were disappointed in the quality and accessibility of the supermarket non-alcoholic range, but discovered many Australian-based non-alcoholic wine makers, brewers and beverage makers that were producing incredible tasting drinks. This prompted their idea for The Zero Club, bringing all of these amazing suppliers together to make delicious non-alcoholic drinks easily accessible to everyone. Tried, tested and endorsed by Loz, Josh and their faithful customers, they offer the best in zero alcohol alternatives. Here Loz talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about their business journey so far.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business? 

We became passionate about finding the best quality Zero alcohol alternatives after I fell pregnant late last year. I had been a social binge drinker, and regularly returned home to a glass of wine at the end of a long day at work. I was a little concerned with how my relationship with alcohol would change as I entered into pregnancy. Would I be able to say no to that glass of wine in a social situation? Would I be confined to ordering sugary soft drinks at restaurants and bars?  

For my husband Josh, alcohol has never been an option as he suffers from an adverse reaction to all alcoholic drinks – a condition quite common in people of Asian heritage. 

It was then that we began sampling a wider selection of the supermarket non-alcoholic range but were disappointed with the quality and accessibility of the range. We started doing some research and discovered that there are a large number of Australian-based non-alcoholic wine makers, brewers and beverage makers producing incredible tasting drinks, trying to get their name out there. 

We thought, how great would it be if we were able to bring all of these suppliers together to make their products more easily accessible for people just like us! It was from here that The Zero Club was born. 

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning? 

Having worked in retail management for many years I knew getting this product in front of people was key, allowing them to taste it, and to know what they were investing in was in fact a premium product and tastes just like an alcoholic version!  

We started trading at a weekly market stall at our local Farmers’ Market in Brisbane and had a great response from customers. Many had a similar experience with the supermarket options but were excited to be able to try some new alternatives.  

We then launched our online store a few months later to enable us to reach a wider customer base, as well as provide our existing customers a 24/7 option. We wanted to focus our attention on our local market, so offer free delivery in Brisbane, but with options to ship right around the country. 

Yin and Yang: How do you balance work and family? 

Having a newborn in the midst of launching a small business (and working two full-time day jobs) has certainly been challenging! But we are also very passionate about The Zero Club and building our like-minded community.  

Our little one is now a regular at the market stall with us on a Saturday and we will always make the most of the rest of the weekend together as a family. 

For me, I’ve actually enjoyed still running the behind the scenes of the business in the first few months post baby, having some more adult connection with our customers and another focus during the day whilst on parental leave.  

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