Tinti – Fun in the Tub!

Bath time fun is guaranteed with Tinti products, less bath time stress for parents. Children can let their creativity run wild with naturally coloured paints, bath water colours, kneading soaps, foams and crackles. Tinti products are made with natural and food colours and plant extracts such as calendula, elderberries and gardenia. They gently clean children’s skin while they’re having a ball in the bath or paddling pool.

Tinti Kneading Soap:

3 pack of yellow, red and green soaps

PLUS there’s also a surprise sticker in the pack!

RRP $8.95

Kids have creative fun making shapes with Tinti Kneading Soap. Double the fun, kids can then take their shapes into the bath. Or just make fun shapes any time and then use their Kneading Soap to wash their hands. Play first and then get clean!

  • More bath time and hand washing fun for kids means less stress for parents
  • Does not stain skin, bath or basin
  • Preservative free
  • Very good skin tolerance
  • Gluten-free
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