NZ Midwives: Register to receive your free client magazines each quarter.

Photography:The Everyday You by Hanny BoBanny

NZ Midwives Register to receive your free Natural Parent Magazines and Journals

Fill in this form to have the Natural Parent Magazine sent to you free of charge to give to your clients. By filling in this form you are confirming that you are a currently registered midwife and would like to hand out the Natural Parent Magazine completely free of charge each quarter until further notice to your current clients*. *Clients must be currently expectant mothers. Please keep us updated with your postal address.
  • Would you like to receive regular free magazines to hand out to your clients?
  • How many magazines would you like us to send you for your clients each quarter? (e.g. The number of clients you have per 3 month period)
    Please enter a number from 5 to 500.
  • Please tell us your job title. (e.g Midwife)

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