Issue 18

From raising a family at sea to everything you need to know about pumping breast milk, we’ve got a diverse and dynamic magazine for you this Autumn issue! Can you imagine raising your family at sea? How about giving birth while travelling the world by boat? That’s exactly what Jessica Lloyd-Mostyn and her husband are doing. They left England in 2011 aboard Adamastor, intending to sail around the world in a couple of years. They have now travelled over 18,000 miles and visited 32 countries since they set sail. You can read about their family’s incredible adventures within. If giving birth at sea isn’t your cup of tea, you can read more about creating a birth circuit in our pregnancy section, and we’ve got an incredibly informative piece by Annaliese Jones on natural fertility. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our digital editions now and get the low down on all things parenting in the most natural way for you.

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