Issue 23

Parenting can be challenging, but it must be said that winter time makes things just a little bit trickier, with colds and flu’s to contend with. This winter we’ve put together some great articles on how you can ease the symptoms of those nasty viruses, and hopefully avoid them altogether! For our pregnant mamas Rhea Dempsey goes into the role of Oxytocin in childbirth, Annaliese Jones explains the importance of Iron during pregnancy and for those avoiding pregnancy we have a great piece on natural fertility techniques. For those parents needing support with toddlers and children, our parenting section is full of gentle parenting ideas. Lastly we’ve created a gorgeous little pull out teething chart – a keepsake for you and your little one to record each milestone. Simply print out the page and use this to remember what date and which tooth popped out – a fun little reminder, specially hand illustrated by Sophia Gardiner. Stay warm and healthy this winter folks, and we hope you can curl up quietly with a nice warm drink and enjoy reading through this issue of The Natural Parent Magazine.

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