Issue 26

This issue is all about new life even if it is autumn! We’ve got a fantastic extract from Emily Writes’ new book “Rants in the dark”, where she tells us all about finding out she was pregnant for the first time – grab your tissues – you’ll be crying and laughing at once. Things can get a bit messy over Easter time when you have siblings bickering over the chocolate eggs, and lots of sugar means tempers can rise. As parents grow tired and weary it becomes easy to fall back on old threats and sometimes punishments. Fear not folks we have our lovely Genevieve Simperingham to offer her wisdom in her article Sibling Struggles. “To remain kind and effective, we need to keep developing our awareness of our reactions, learning to witness and recognise them and as this awareness grows, we can eventwually learn to manage that aggressive impulse and instead take a deep breath and choose to speak with kindness – thereby modelling that which we want our children to develop.” We hope you enjoy the rest of the autumn issue.

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