Issue 28

Don’t you love it when Spring peeps it’s sunny head around the corner and fills our homes with sunlight and warm breezes? Finally we can begin to enjoy a few days outside with the kids – leave the raincoats and gumboots behind. It’s also a time to be able to get really stuck into some crafting or gardening with your children. Check out page 98 to learn how to make your own seed bombs with Sophia from Frida and Fauna – the kids will love this activity. It’s useful, practical and might just plant a seed in the minds of our future gardeners. We all know a lot of babies are born in spring. This means many things, but one of them dear to all of our hearts, is sleep, or lack of it, if you’re one of our new, spring mums. Sarah-Ockwell Smith discusses this in The Growing Epidemic of Infant Sleep Training. She says that there is an alternative to sleep training and that doesn’t mean enforcing unnatural sleeping patterns on our babies. Read more on page 58. This issue is a particularly exciting one for The Natural Parent Magazine, with more pages of gentle parenting articles, pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding support than any issue we’ve published to-date. We hope that you find the articles a support to you when you need it, and wish you a very happy Spring. ENJOY!

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