Issue 49

Happy New Year to our fabulous Natural Parent Magazine readers! We hope you enjoyed some special time with your families over Christmas and New Year. Whatever stage of your parenting journey you are at, our latest bumper edition is packed full of real-life experiences, advice and inspiration to support and guide you along the way. In our first issue of 2023, Sara Teeman reflects on practices of other cultures, where a new mum’s recovery post birth, as well as her mental and physical wellbeing, are viewed as equally important to that of baby, compared to in Western culture where the needs of the mother are often neglected. Laura Markham provides some great alternatives to consequences when you find your child isn’t cooperating. She suggests inviting your child to help solve the issue, focusing on the relationship rather than the problem, and getting to the root of your child’s big feelings. If you are a breastfeeding mum planning a return to the workplace, Danielle Facey has put together some great tips for managing the transition. She offers advice on pumping or hand expressing during the workday, knowing your rights in the workplace, and allowing yourself time and space to adjust to your new routine. Maura Martin talks to teacher Katharine Birbalsingh. In what is considered a deprived inner-city suburb, she has built a school for 11-18-year-olds “from the ground up”, achieving both academic success and holding standards high – teaching important values like kindness and duty to others. Let’s head into 2023 with hope, positivity, love and appreciation for those around us. We wish you a wonderful year ahead! Love from the TNP Team xxx

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