Issue 53

In our first issue of 2024, Adrienne Wood talks about the power of play for our little ones: how it serves emotional development, helps manage difficult behaviours and helps release frustrations and emotions. Sally Prebble talks about the longing for support, connection and harmony that so many parents feel. She discusses her life-changing journey of learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and it being the catalyst for a gradual but profound transformation in the way she understood her children and herself. If you are considering contraception postpartum, Annaliese Jones has written a great article about whether the pill is a good option. She talks about the differences between the progestin-only mini pill (commonly prescribed after birth) and the combined pill (often prescribed once you are 6 months postpartum). If you are a breastfeeding mum thinking about tandem feeding, Danielle Facey talks about what this means for you and your family. She talks about how misconceptions and misinformation can lead to women lacking confidence when it comes to tandem feeding. She provides some great information about breastfeeding through pregnancy, feeding your baby and an older child, and the effects of tandem feeding on the mother. You will also find some fabulous craft ideas to enjoy with your children and some simple, tasty recipes to try together. We wish you a wonderful year ahead, full of love, happiness and magical memories for you and your families! Love from the TNP Team xxx

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