Issue 13

In this issue we have some inspirational work from our regular contributors. Hilary Jackson offers an interesting insight into parenting as an older parent, a trend that is becoming increasingly common. Later on in this issue we’ve got some great advice on what to watch out for if your baby is struggling to breastfeed, in Tongue Tie, The Hidden Cause of Breastfeeding Problems by Charlotte Young. Rhea Dempsey looks at pain in the experience of normal physiological birth in Normal Birth – Reframing Pain. We’ve got some great ideas for gardening in the summer time from Sarah the Gardener, and Thérèse Quinlivan-Dennison gives us some great tips on gardening with the kids. Nicola Galloway offers some tantalising summer recipes in our Healthy Eats section, and Natural Star’s Knitting Pattern is going to be a great challenge for those of you who want a summer project.

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