Issue 21

Our last magazine for 2015 is full of lovely extras, a gorgeous pull out poster for our hard copy readers and the cutest baby deer big pattern for our crafty Mammas. We’ve got some great tips on getting your toddler to sleep if you’re having trouble by Pinky McKay and help for those with strong willed children, by Naomi Aldort. For our pregnant readers we have an excertp from Sonia Killik’s new book: BIRTH: F*CK YEAH! AN HONEST GUIDE TO NATURAL, EPIDURAL & CAESAREAN CHOICES, as well as the Dynamics of the Birthing room by Lisa Berson and “What Pain Type are You” by Rhea Dempsey. We have the most delicious food ideas in our Healthy eats section with tons of great recipe ideas to keep you happy over the Christmas and holiday season.

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