Issue 36

If you’ve noticed a little bounce in your step it’s no coincidence. Warmer days have a direct influence on your mood and behaviour. Having these warmer, brighter days help us all to keep a balanced outlook on life, giving us the energy to consciously connect with our children – even when they’re pushing the boundaries. For those having a hard time on the behaviour front, Laura Markham offers some brilliant parenting strategies that incorporate easy-to-implement gentle discipline techniques. Her suggestions are practical, effective and retain that important connection with your child to help create real and lasting change in behaviour. For those coming to terms with a child’s disability, we’ve published an extract from a brilliant new book by Melanie Dimmitt. Melanie says raising a child with disability isn’t what you think it is. “Don’t get me wrong, this gig isn’t a frolic through a four-leaf clover patch (certainly not at the start). But the parents I interviewed belted out one word more than Madonna, Britney and Kylie combined. They feel ‘lucky’. Lucky to have their kid, lucky for what they’ve learned and lucky to be better connected with what’s happening on this little blue rock we call home.” I find it so uplifting to read through these articles. The more I read through each issue, the more I find I can draw on the ideas quickly as they sit fresh in the forefront of my mind. I hope you are able to tap in on this as well. Have a happy and healthy Spring from all of us at The TNP Team xxx

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