Issue 46

After a summer of lazy days at the beach enjoying longer, warmer days, we are now embracing autumn in the southern hemisphere, and with it comes cooler temperatures to bring some relief to our pregnant mamas. With changeable weather, colourful leaves and heaps of opportunities to appreciate nature at its finest, it’s a great time to explore and have fun with our families and enjoy all the beauty that autumn has to offer. Our latest edition is packed full of real-life experiences, advice and inspiration. Rhea Dempsey writes about the benefits of doula support and how well this support aligns with a woman’s intention for normal physiological birth. She shares the experiences of new mums and also how a doula’s presence “complements and strengthens a father’s role” during childbirth. Annaliese Jones offers up some great advice for those with concerns about fussy eaters. She says that although “our concern comes from a good place,” we sometimes “do more harm than good by restricting, forcing and over analysing our children’s diets.” If you are interested in how your baby’s circadian rhythm affects their sleep, Tracy Gillet shares the science behind baby sleep and offers up some “easy practices that can help you work with your baby’s circadian rhythm so that you can all get more rest.” Kato Matthews offers a beautiful look at babywearing through the eyes of children, offering “insightful and delightful reasons as to why our children love to be carried.” We also have some delicious easy recipes to try together. We hope that this autumn season is filled with fun, love, good health and happiness for you and your families. Love from the TNP Team xxx

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