Issue 50

Our latest gorgeous issue is packed full of inspiration, tips, advice and real-life experiences to guide you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We feature Helen Bartom’s latest ‘positive birth story’. She shares the unique journey of a mother who makes educated decisions to forgo routine scanning and testing, choosing to use her “instinct, intuition and the qualities of love, trust and surrender” to safely bring her son into the world. Robin Grille writes about a child’s right to receive attention and how by “begrudging our children’s healthy attention-seeking behaviours, we unwittingly train them to be indirect”, for example, by “exaggerating or feigning their hurts, picking on other children or showing off”. Tracy Gillett calls for an end to ‘cry it out’. She talks about how the social pressures of western society “ask parents to ignore their instincts and force babies to sleep counter to their biological needs” and concludes that this is not about judging parents, who are doing the best they can, but “challenging a society that continues to perpetuate outdated, nonsensical, and potentially mentally and emotionally damaging techniques”. Annaliese Jones has written a great article encouraging new mums to trust their gut on any health concerns post birth. She details a range of health parameters to consider and look out for and explains that “when it comes to your wellbeing, you might need to advocate for yourself more than comes naturally” post birth. Love from the TNP Team xxx

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