Issue 31

Winter is here and by some accounts looks set to be a long, cold one for us here in the Southern Hemisphere. The “winter blues” is something parents should watch out for, as we often disregard our own mood changes until it’s too late. For some, this leads to the more serious depressive condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Dr Annaliese Jones explains on page 66 how you might end up with the winter blues, and how to climb back out again. For new parents, these extra-long dark nights with a frequently waking baby can cause extreme exhaustion. But before you succumb to the pressure to sleep train your baby, check out Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s article on page 56, discussing why your baby will actually NEVER sleep through the night. You’ll find some valuable information in here about how your baby actually sleeps, and what you can do to help facilitate that as best you can. So, natural parents, go easy on yourselves these next few months. Reach out and find some support – you will be sure to find something within these pages that will help elevate you and inspire you to continue with your positive, gentle parenting journey. Time for that cuppa by the fire. XXX From the TNP Team.

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