Issue 38

Kindness, empathy & honesty… these are the values that stand out when I take a last scan over this beautiful autumn issue before we go to print. Indeed, it’s these very values that might be most useful during these strange and turbulent times. Most of the autumn issue was written well in advance of the new Coronavirus that has affected so many families globally and so it becomes difficult to write from a place of positivity when the world is under such a terrible strain – but like our grandparents and great grandparents before us, those who dedicated their lives to build a world of peace and prosperity, it really is our duty to try. So, what can we do to really make the best of this difficult time? For those of us who have members of our family who are over 70 and / or children who have underlying health conditions, self-isolating may be our best option, but how can we make this quiet time a positive experience? Read a book or a magazine? Reading is extremely therapeutic; throwing yourself into a good book could work wonders for the soul. Getting creative is another great option! Let’s use this time to learn something new – there are some fantastic apps to learn languages – and in our family we’ve found ourselves having competitions to see who knows the most Spanish – Duolingo is free and it’s brilliant. Learning a new skill like sewing, baking or gardening can be both useful and lots of fun. YouTube is a great starting point. You’ll find tutorials for absolutely everything – whether you’re turning your hand to painting, knitting or cooking a delicious meal (Check out page 86 for some super delicious recipes from our talented food writer, Eleanor Ozich). We hope you go into the autumn season with an optimistic outlook and enjoy all the beauty the season has to offer. Stay happy and healthy. Love from the TNP Team xxx

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