Issue 19

This winter we cover some very delicate topics that have had little editorial space in mainstream media. Loss. It’s a topic that sends many of us running for cover. It makes us feel uncomfortable, it’s a brutal topic, but for thousands of parents every year, losing a child is a cold, hard reality. Acknowledging this reality, and offering support and information Karen Prisco bravely unravels the emotions, and offers insight into an experience that is little discussed. Read Karen’s piece “I wish someone had told me before I had children”, on page 53. How many of you had a great relationship with your siblings? While many kids are lucky enough to become the best of friends with their siblings, it’s common for brothers and sisters to fight. This issue Laura Markham discusses how we can help siblings to develop emotional intelligence and learn how to be friends for life – what a great gift that would be. Last year we were contacted by Anna Fielder, who asked us to help her find mothers who breast fed beyond two years. Through her research she put together a great piece for us . She says “..there may be a time when breastfeeding a child beyond the age of one or two is not considered long-term, extended, or even sustained, but simply – as a friend of mine recently put it – “breastfeeding”. read more on page 62. And finally you can keep busy while you’re all stuck inside this winter by making this cute and warm cosy little mountain door stop – thanks to the lovely people at Extra Curricular Magazine – check out this crafty little number on page 94. Wishing you all a warm, healthy and happy winter with your families, we hope you enjoy this issue.

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