Issue 41

With the Christmas celebrations done and dusted, many of us will spend some time reflecting on the crazy year that was 2020. As we were heading into the last new year, we could not have anticipated a pandemic that would cause so much loss of life around the world, nationwide lockdowns globally, forced closure of businesses and families kept apart by border restrictions. But what 2020 has shown us is how strong our children can be when faced with adversity. With school closures, long periods stuck indoors, and time away from friends and extended family members, they show us every day how resilient they are. Online learning has become the norm recently, with school children required to complete schoolwork on their devices during lockdowns. Israel Butson shares his views and concerns around screen time and the conversations we should be having with our children around it. Hannah Mearns writes about her personal experience of 2020 and its lockdowns and how, although not an easy journey, it changed her for the better as a mother. With increased stress levels a big factor for parents in recent times, Dr. Laura Markham teaches us how to manage our triggers and not to over-react unnecessarily. She has put together a 4-step plan for when anxiety levels start to rise. Let’s move into 2021 with renewed hope, positivity and appreciation for those around us. We hope that you and your families have a fabulous summer! Love from the TNP Team xxx

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