Issue 51

Wherever you are at on this wonderful parenting journey, our latest bumper edition is packed full of real-life experiences, advice and inspiration to support and guide you along the way. Genevieve Simperingham writes about navigating bedtime struggles with our little ones. She talks about the importance of considering a child’s unmet needs from the day, holding space for them to release any pent-up stress and frustration, and making time to really connect with them before bed. Mandy Rees discusses how a change of mindset can help parents navigate the road ahead, explaining that by being open and aware of the mindset choices available to us as parents, it allows us to go easier on ourselves when times get hard. Bonnie Bailey shares the stories of three women birthing on their own terms. With the common perception that birthing outside a hospital is risky, these women share their motivations, real-life experiences and their advice for pregnant mamas who are considering their options. Annaliese Jones talks about the “motherhood mismatch”. She explains that “most of the physiological traits we’ve developed as women were designed in a very different environment to our modern world” yet are still with us, despite our current environment being vastly different. She goes on to discuss how we can bridge the gap with practical solutions to benefit our health and wellbeing. Wishing you wonderful, safe and happy times with your families. Love from the TNP Team xxx

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