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The Everyday You by Hanny BoBanny

By Lacey Owen

It really wasn’t that long ago, I wished for you to quickly grow. 

With my body now so foreign and tender breasts fulfilling their purpose, I wish I’d taken each day as it came, knowing moments such as these simply cannot be purchased. 

My tired, weary eyes heavy from exhaustion, would glance the clock and back to you, instantly softened. 

Though you were tiny, my shoulders quivered, arms on the brink of collapse. Now they’re painfully empty, how I desperately wish those thoughts could retract. 

Oh how I craved then just ten minutes peace, only to fast forward present day and those moments have sadly ceased. 

Those long, seemingly endless nights, went far too quickly in regret and hindsight. 

If I could have just one more night, I would hold you with eyes open, absorbing every detail with delight. 

The days really were so long but my darling what I’d give to sing you to sleep with just one more song. 

The years are advancing completely out of my control, so please know you always were and will always be my life and my soul. 

So to all the new mothers wading through your own journey, take a deep breath, be sure to show yourself kindness and mercy. 

Please try to remember the saying, ‘this too shall pass’, as in years to come you’ll yearn to upturn the hourglass. 

Originally published here.

Lacey Owen is a busy mum of three gorgeous children who provide the basis of her blog @Laced with Love. Experiences along her journey to becoming a mother and all that motherhood entails such as miscarriage, ill babies, secondary infertility and raising young children. She works part time as a health professional and loves nothing more than creating memories with her young family at many beaches in the winterless north of NZ. 

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