The Power of Now

Photography:Poppy Peterson Photography

By Sally Saint

Parenting is a ‘learn on the job’ life experience. No matter how many books you read, the advice you are given and even having more than one child, the diversity of each personal experience means the only true and effective way is to parent from your heart and listen to your instincts.

The world has been thrown into perceived chaos by the pandemic, regulations, restrictions and fear.

The divide has been huge, felt and added to by the individual requirements of each person and family.

If there are health concerns before the pandemic, they create a whole different set of rules to live by. If you have an elderly relative, that’s another dynamic that has a massive impact on the person and those around them.

So now life is deepening that need to live your whole life this way, the instinctual way, listening to what’s right for your family.

There is no concrete and well-worn path to follow, you have to create your own.

In honouring this truth, you can empower yourself, and reduce the risk of being caught up in the fear induced by the pandemic. Action always gives a clearer mind and energy. Each day, you must decide to take the action that is right for YOU and those you care for. You choose.

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