This Christmas

By Sally Saint

The desire within us all to reclaim what we had is a human trait and something we all possess to varying degrees. Learnt over years of viewing and observing the behaviour of others, and gradually, oh so gradually, we take it on as ours and it is perceived as part of us, but is it really? 

Every conversation I have had regarding the upcoming festivities is the comparison of what we had and what we are unable to recreate this year. The question is, does it matter? 

Oh it certainly matters being with those you love – the question is this: is our ability to adapt to this Christmas equal to the amount of love and respect we have for ourselves?

The lack of mentality I am going to ask you all to assess right now.  

In moments where we are squeezed, like the orange fruit that is just about to become our juice by the process of squeezing, when we are squeezed, what are we producing?  A concentrated version of what’s inside us. 

Right now, we are all being squeezed. We have all lost the trimmings of our lives, the extra frilly stuff that we can do without. What’s left is the concentrated juice. What’s left is us and what we have to offer ourselves and others. 

In observing the wholeness of each day, what is it showing you?  

The fears that come up, were they always there? Just highlighted because we are being squeezed. 

The majority of fears in life are health and finances. What is coming up around Covid? Health and finances, only greatly increased. Almost like looking through a magnifying glass, the pandemic has increased what was already there. 

Why am I writing about this now? Because this is the last month of 2020 so how about sitting with your own truths in this final month. How about making the extra time that has been given us all, by the removal of our previous lives, THE space and place to look at the concentrated version of what’s inside us. 

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