Managing Multiple Sleep Routines

Children are unique in many ways, and these different needs become a challenge when biological bedtimes and tendencies differ from child to child.

Some families might not want to coordinate like this, and instead prefer to put one child to bed at a time. That’s another option to consider, and one I used when a few years later baby number four entered our family – but the siblings were a bit older and coordination didn’t make sense. Then, it was easier to put the baby down first while letting the other child play quietly or watch a movie. Using this plan you might be able to tag-team with your partner and each take on one child’s bedtime routine. 

Regardless of which method you choose, take the time to think through it, make a plan, and then follow through with it!

But… nothing is forever in parenting, which means that you may need to vary your plan from time to time, to alight with what works best for your family at any particular time. Some nights will go better than others, but overall you should see a peaceful bedtime routine.

No matter what, it does help to keep your sense of humor, keep your eye on the important things in life, enjoy the time you spend with your children, and . . . grab a nap when you can.

These tips are from The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers.

Elizabeth Pantley is a mother of four, grandmother, and author of the bestselling book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution plus 8 other books in the No-Cry Solution Series which helps Mums and Dads through all key stages of parenting. Visit her at

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