33 days & 33 ways to show our kids love

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By Sarah R.Moore

Sometime before Valentine’s Day every year, people start thinking about how to show their loved ones how they feel. Of course, we try to do it all year ’round (and some boycott the holiday entirely for that reason)-but the world around us seems to primarily focus on February 14. 

I’d like to propose a happy medium: how about if we use Valentine’s Day as the impetus for sharing our affection as an all-year habit?

Expert James Clear say that it takes 66 days on average to form a new habit, so let’s get you started with 33 days of ideas to start the connection. Once you have the first half (the 33) under your belt, you can see what worked well for your family and continue it from there. No worries, though-if the thought of doing these things every day for 33 days in a row overwhelms you, spread them out. What matters in creating a habit is that you time your events consistently. Try “every Friday afternoon,” for example. 

The spirit of Valentine’s isn’t just about the holiday, of course; it’s about everyday relationships with our families.

It’s about raising kids in positive, loving homes where they feel cherished and special no matter the time of year. 

Ways St. Valentine Can Show Love Every Day 

St. Valentine is you, dear parent or care giver. The real St. Valentine hasn’t been around since 269 AD, so it’s pretty much on us to go back in time-and bring this day of love forward to the present day for our children. 

Of course, some think of gifts for valentines. And it’s fine to give your child an impromptu gift, no matter how small. Gifts, after all, are one of the five love languages, and some children do view gifts as signs of affection from the people they love. 

This list doesn’t focus on gifts for the holiday, however-it’s all about connecting with the people we love. 

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