Babes Who Brunch: Round-Up Of Best Child-Friendly Cafes In NZ

Motherhood, whilst ultimately rewarding, is very challenging. It is often lonely and it can be hard to get out, making it easy to cancel on friends and stay home. Finding the right places to go can make the experience far more enjoyable and catching up with friends always makes you feel good.

Emily Jurd is a mum of eight-month-old twin boys and an almost three-year-old daughter. Her experiences prompted her to create the Facebook community Babes Who Brunch.

Babes Who Brunch is essentially a list of child-friendly cafés around New Zealand recommended by parents/caregivers. Each week they focus on one café and let you know why it’s child friendly. People are encouraged to leave posts about their favourite child-friendly cafés so others can see genuine experiences (maybe you’d like to share your fave place to go with the kids!).

The idea is to promote safe and easy places for parents to get out to and to ensure our mental health is taken care of by combating the loneliness and fostering a sense of achievement, whilst enjoying great (hot!) coffee.

Throughout the journey of discovering these amazing places, Emily found an unbelievable amount of child-friendly cafés and their wonderful owners and operators.

Here’s a wee taste of some of their favourites:


Alberts Post, Mt Albert. Complete with kids chill out room, equipped with Netflix.


Muirs Bookshop and Café. Upstairs/downstairs cafe inside a gorgeous bookshop with train sets and couches and is breastfeeding friendly. [Note: You have the right to breastfeed in public. If you feel discriminated against, you can make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission]


Punnet Café. This café has a plane in their playground and pick your own berries in summer.


Chocolate Frog Café. Boasting a great playground and a gazebo to eat under, the kids love it.


Jester House Café. Great food, loads of space and friendly eels the kids can feed!


Kidds Cakes and Bakery. Newly renovated kids play area and great food.

For the full list visit the Babes Who Brunch Facebook page
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