New Mama: Lost Sight of Yourself and Don’t Know the Next Step? Perhaps You Need a Life Coach

Having a child and becoming a mother is a huge undertaking. Your entire identity up to that point seems to dissolve – and what takes its place can be unsettling. Who are you now? How long will things feel out of control? How do you cope with these changes? Pure Purpose Life Coaching is an essential service for mums, providing support on the parenting journey by empowering and enabling you to reconnect with your pre-baby self, establish your post-baby identity and find balance so that you can be the best parent possible.

As parents, it is so easy to become consumed by the needs and wants of our kids, but it is often at the expense of our own self-care and personal development. Pure Purpose provides one-on-one tailored coaching to mums, providing knowledge, tools and techniques allowing you to gain perspective, context and confidence.

Pure Purpose founder Charlotte Griffiths is a wife, mother, business owner and certified life coach with a background in psychology, which means she is uniquely positioned to understand the pressures that parents face in today’s world. After the arrival of her daughter, she realised that there were plenty of courses and activities focussing on the child and their developmental stages, with few resources specifically for new parents navigating their new reality.

“My coping mechanism has always been to arm myself with knowledge, and I came across some research which showed 11 months was the average baby age that first-time mums felt confident and back in control,” Griffiths says. “It really helped me to know I wasn’t alone in feeling like I didn’t have it all figured out, and that I wouldn’t feel this way forever. I also wondered how many other mums out there were coming down hard on themselves for not feeling like they had it all together.

“The more research I did, the more I realised that the findings of these studies rarely made it to the audience who would benefit the most from their results. Because of this I continued researching and used the findings to develop my unique coaching service for parents.”

Understanding the changes in the first year

There are so many changes in such a short space of time and there is often lots of planning to prepare for the baby’s arrival and to understand their phases and changes. However, there is much less information on the maternal changes following the first six weeks, and even less on how to recognise and cope with those changes.

“Knowledge and context can make it easier to navigate changes and challenging periods, as we can understand what is happening and why,” Griffiths says.

Through her reading and research, she has identified four key phases that most mums go through in the first year: transition, realisation, adjustment and acceptance. At Pure Purpose, she can provide information on how to identify which phase you are in and tools to survive and enjoy each one.

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